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Friday, June 28, 2013

Eye defects sinus relief , Nethirappoondu Herbal Eye Drops!


                                        Nethira poondu [Blepharis maderaspatenis]

Eye defects
sinus relief 
Nethirappoondu Herbal Eye Drops!

    Often we have seen many children suffering various eye defects, wearing big spectacles as an additional luggage along with their very weighted usual school bags.

    Due to present days changing food habits and modernized social activities caused young to elder to suffer on healthy matters particularly eye defects like colour blindness and watery eyes etc.

    While driving, mostly middle aged people suffer much of seeing heavy illumine lights from opposite direction vehicles and eye defects they also may lose control sometimes , they are required all time to wear the spectacles for reading papers,seeing objects and even some don't remove spectacles during their bathing time too! , they practised that they can't do anything without spectacles.

     Eye disease varies to young and elder , like vision cloudy,colour blindness ulcer of cornea reddish eyes,eye burn and watery eyes etc.

Our Ancient siththars given a boom for such eye illness too by siththa herbal remedy!

    To cure completely from all kind of eye defects, The gifted siththa great herbal eye drops called Nethira poondu Thailam.

    The rare herbal Neththira Poondu [Blepharis maderaspatensis] collected from forests by observing "Saba Nivarthy" [ Curse Redress ]* , cleaned well and mix with very pure traditionally made sesame oil and tide well with a fresh cotton cloth in a mud pot and placed in sunlight for 15 days, which is called suriya pudam. Meantime, the mix can be filtered well with pure cotton cloth and again put the preparation in sunlight 

   The final extract oil is called Neththira Poondu Herbal Eye Drops. Two Drops of the Neththira Poondu Eye Drops may be applied eyes daily, with in 15 to 20 days, all kinds of eye diseases cleared well.

This herbal Eye Drops is also functions as an eye coolant.

The Herbal Neththirappoondu Eye Drops used to relief from sinus related illness like watery eyes, eye ache etc.


சாப நிவர்த்தி [Curse Redress]* - Siththars holy traditional way to keep the energy in the removed plant for its complete medicinal uses.